[Taboo Diaries] Alice Merchesi – Daddys Taking Care Of Me

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[Taboo Diaries] Alice Merchesi – Daddys Taking Care Of Me


After my sister and I shared Daddy things got even more interesting. Daddy started spending extra time with both of us. One afternoon in particular Daddy was waiting in my room after school.

He was waiting for me to get home so he could give me some attention. Needless to say I was already horny from him being in my room so it wasn’t long before my top was off and his cock was in my mouth. Daddys cock was so hard I could barely take him in my mouth.

I took my time licking and sucking his cock which made me even hornier. Daddy soon pulled me on the bed and slowly started fucking my tight pussy. He played with my nipples and made me cum so quick.

Daddys hardness made me tingle all over several times before he really started pounding me. Next thing I knew he was exploding deep inside me and I came again. Is it bad that I’m secretly hoping Daddy gets me pregnant?


Name: [Taboo Diaries] Alice Merchesi – Daddys Taking Care Of Meavi
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